I'm Back

Huwow, its been a year since i open this blog.
I miss my blog
I will continue blogging again

Club Manila East

I got curious about this resort because of their attractions.
We went there by bus from Manila City hall. But the easiest way is to take the LRT 2 from Recto station to Santolan then just take a jeepney to Taytay and get off at Club Manila East.

We went there February 28, 2009. We paid Php 3050 for an overnight stay which is good for 5 pax. We stayed at Don Renato Villas. The room is very spacious and clean. I love the mini pool at the front yard of what we called mini bahay.

The place has large pools and boating area for kayaking. What we love the most is the two pools that they have - the Ocean Wave and the Beach Wave pool. The Ocean Wave pool is where you could enjoy the very powerful waves while the Beach Wave pool have just simple waves. They also have the Buzzy river, but I called it lazy river. We were only able visited 7 pools then we got tired. I guess they have a total of 10 pools.

What I don’t like about CME is they don’t allow food and drinks to be brought inside the resort. I left my mineral bottle but they did not see my box of hopia. They have an in-house restaurant that serves a variety of food. I love their food, it’s yummy and delicious.

Overall, my stay here in Club Manila East is the best. I give them two thumbs up. In my opinion, Club Manila East has the best wave pool here in our country.


I can’t wait for tomorrow’s getaway. We will go to Club Manila East in Taytay Rizal. They're offering a new attraction in the resort, the CME Beachwaves. I’m also excited to see the CME Buzzy River and to do kayaking. See you there!!


It was my first time in Anawangin. I’ve only seen it on pictures that were shown by my boss. Finally, last Saturday, the escalation team went there for a camp. I’ve never been gone to camping before. So, this is the first time I’d experienced it and it was fun and exciting.

When we landed at the island, I was mesmerized by the natural beauty of it. Wow was all I can say. I feel like I’m outside the country like New Zealand or Australia. The place is so relaxing, peaceful and quiet. For me, this place is better than Boracay and it’s much cheaper.

It was fun setting up the tents. We borrowed it from a friend and the owner said it’s good for 3-4 persons. It's too heavy, compare to the other tents. When we open it, its like a queen size bed. The tent is so big for the three of us (Joan, Maye and me). The tent is very spacious and as I estimated, it can accommodate up to 6 persons. Underneath it we also put trapal, we need to be careful not to damage the tent. I also brought sleeping bag so that it will be comfy and relax.

After we set up the tent, we run to the waterfront. We fell in love with the view it's so beautiful, we took pictures all over the place. Feeling model ng resort.

The sunset was amazing. We took pictures until the sun disappear. Then after sunset, next is stargazing. Wow, day and night in Anawangin was beautiful.

Definitely I will go back to Anawangin. It’s a place that you will never forget.

Boring Day

It's such a boring day. I dunno, i don't feel like working today.
I can't wait for the weekend to come.